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The Internationales Kinder- und Jugendchorzentrum Christuskirche Hannover (IKJCZ) focuses on the funding of cultural events. As an association we organize events and their financing. We supervise concerts in the Christuskirche and also at other venues in the city. We ourselves are supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Hannover, we raise third-party funds and support and bring together the participants and audience in a concert experience. The promotion of planning processes for cultural events, but also their realization in cultural life are among our tasks.

Executive Board

Our executive board is made up of representatives and ambassadors from various cultural institutions in Hannover. The current line-up includes the Mädchenchor Hannover, the Evangelisch-lutherische Nordstädter Kirchengemeinde, the Niedersächsische Chorverband, the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, as well as an institution-independent chairman and a treasurer. All members of the board work on a voluntary basis. 

Hans-Martin Heinemann
Gudrun Schröfel
Vice chairperson

Mädchenchor Hannover

Stefanie Sonnenburg
Vice chairperson

Ev.-luth. Nordstädter Kirchengemeinde / Stadtkirchenverband

Heinz Köhrmann
Prof. Andreas Felber
Board member

Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover

Johannes Held
Board member

Mädchenchor Hannover

Gesa Rottler
Board member

Ev.-luth. Nordstädter Kirchengemeinde / Stadtkirchenverband

Wolfgang Schröfel
Board member

Niedersächsischer Chorverband


Mareike Bahr has been working for the IKJCZ since October 2018. As a studied musicologist and cultural manager, her previous professional experiences range from press and public relations work with the Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie, event organization at the Rheingau Music Festival to the assistant position for both the orchestra department and the marketing department of Konzertdirektion Schmid. With her work at the IKJCZ, she continues a very formative part of her biography. Growing up in the small town of Herzberg am Harz, she spent a major part of her time singing in church from elementary school until the beginning of College. Working at the choir center allows her to combine her personal background with her professional experience and talents and to contribute to the many and varied duties of the association.

Mareike Bahr
Assistance to the Board
+49 511 9878704

Our partners

Niedersächsischer Chorverband

The Niedersächsischer Chorverband is the lobby for choirs in Lower Saxony. The association comprises more than 23,000 members from about 400 choirs. These include both female and male choirs, mixed choirs as well as children's and youth choirs of all genres. The Lower Saxony Choir Association regularly organizes workshops and conferences, thus providing new impulses in choir work.

The Niedersächsischer Chorverband is represented by one member on our board.

Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media

The Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media is one of the most renowned artistic and scientific universities in Germany. It strikes a balance between music, drama, pedagogy and science, thus offering interdisciplinary projects. The University is not only networked through its 11 institutes, but also as a cultural organizer in regular and lively exchange with a number of cultural institutions from Hannover and the region.  

The Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media is represented by one member on our board.

Mädchenchor Hannover

The Mädchenchor Hannover is one of the most famous vocal ensembles far beyond Hannover's borders. The ensemble has already been awarded numerous prizes and regularly tours Europe and the world with concert programs. Since 2014 the Mädchenchor has found its new home in the Christuskirche and has been conducted by Prof. Andreas Felber since 2019.

The Mädchenchor Hannover e.V. is represented by two members on our executive board.

Ev.-luth. Nordstädter Kirchengemeinde

Both the Lutherkirche and the Christuskirche belong to the Ev.-luth. Nordstädter Kirchengemeinde. Both church buildings are used together with other institutions: The Lutherkirche also serves as the youth church of the Hanover City Church Association, while the Christuskirche, in addition to its function as a parish church, has become a cultural church through the merger with the IKJCZ and the Hanover Girls' Choir following a reconstruction. Pastor Stefanie Sonnenburg, in close cooperation with the association, is very committed to filling the SoundHall Christuskirche with events.

The Ev.-luth. Nordstädter Kirchengemeinde / Ev.-luth. Stadtkirchenverband Hannover is represented by two members on our board.


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